Where to Position Contact Points and Different Contact Points Available for the Chameleon®

Odin on the pedestal
This video shows how and why contacts can change position on the Chameleon® and different options that are available for the Chameleon®.   https://youtu.be/YH1TRGwPWTA
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Why Do We Call the Chameleon®: the Chameleon®?

The Chameleon® is aptly called the Chameleon® because it adapts visually and functionally as a Chameleon® -- blending in -- wherever you go.   https://youtu.be/P7O0d0vjU8c  
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Contact Measurement and Why That is Important

This video gives information on how the Chameleon® Collar Receiver checks for contact using the Martin Systems Patented Stimulation á Sensation Constant (SSC) which has been licensed by Michael and Bart Bellon for the Chameleon®. The SSC measures the contact and also automatically and immediately adapts the output if the resistance changes on the dog's neck so that the sensation stays the same for...
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