Our Gold School Graduates

NePoPo® is a negative positive positive training system originated by Bart Bellon. Over the years, Michael and Bart have updated the system together in some powerful and important ways. NePoPo® is a language of communication. Like any modern language, NePoPo® evolves. This is why NePoPo® is often referred to as "the Language of Modern Dog Training." NePoPo® is developed and trademarked by Bart and Michael Bellon. Certified students may use the NePoPo® logo and can teach NePoPo®. (Please read the Biography of Bart Bellon to find more information about the origins of NePoPo®.) 

"Both of Australia’s Special Forces Dog units are implementing the NePoPo® system. The so what of that for pet dog trainers is that the Army are most excited about the problem solving and toughening capability NePoPo® brings to a dog. If a dog presents an issue with any stimulus or skill, NePoPo® can be used to have the dog survive and thrive in that behaviour. From my personal experience, understanding NePoPo® has taken me forward leaps and bounds in my work with pet dogs as much or even more so than my working and sport dogs. Its so much more than just e-collars and clickers.

All NePoPo® graduates end up a sort of family, and just that simple network has resulted in work opportunities for me all over the world. The return on investment in education has been remarkable."

Pat Stuart, Gold School Graduate from NePoPo® Gold School in Sydney, Australia. 

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