Review of Chameleon® Products: CTT®, Chameleon®, Extenders and Feathers

This is a recently published article about our Chameleon® products. By Philippe Dhont: "Since there are a lot of people who are interested in the Chameleon® equipment, I decided to make a review about it. It's not only a review about the current Chameleon® equipment but also about motivational training, connectivity, featured Chameleon® products and other stuff... It is titled "Motivationa...
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The Revolution Continues

This video shows the new features on the latest Chameleon® II. This product expected to be available in August of 2016. Click HERE to watch the video.
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Where to Position Contact Points and Different Contact Points Available for the Chameleon®

Odin on the pedestal
This video shows how and why contacts can change position on the Chameleon® and different options that are available for the Chameleon®.
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Why Do We Call the Chameleon®: the Chameleon®?

The Chameleon® is aptly called the Chameleon® because it adapts visually and functionally as a Chameleon® -- blending in -- wherever you go.  
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Contact Measurement and Why That is Important

This video gives information on how the Chameleon® Collar Receiver checks for contact using the Martin Systems Patented Stimulation á Sensation Constant (SSC) which has been licensed by Michael and Bart Bellon for the Chameleon®. The SSC measures the contact and also automatically and immediately adapts the output if the resistance changes on the dog's neck so that the sensation stays the same for...
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What is USB Emily?

USB Emily
USB Emily is a usb stick that allows you to customise your Chameleon® or your Micro Collar from Martin Systems. USB Emily can change parameters  at selected individual levels or at all levels. The type of electricity can be continuous or pulsed. You can change the sound and vibration and the LED lights. You can also enable or disable: the clicker; contact measurement ( with options: at start, peri...
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