NePoPo® is a Trademarked Name


NePoPo® is a registered trademark. It is a registered trademark because there is an expectation of what NePoPo® means. A registered trademark means that by law the trademark can only be used with permission.

There have been a lot of NePoPo® Seminars over the decades! And we are happy that there is interest in the NePoPo® System and that more and more people use it worldwide.

Only Students who have graduated with success from the NePoPo® Gold School can use NePoPo® in advertising, marketing or as a quality mark. The NePoPo® School is much more than a seminar, and while all people have their own interpretation of NePoPo®, the NePoPo® Gold School graduates have been taught the whole system and have, therefore, earned the right to use the NePoPo® trademark with their interpretation.

We have found that there are many people who advertise as NePoPo® trainers who do not know the system at all or who have attended a few seminars. Just as we cannot make soda at home and sell it on the street calling it Coca Cola, trainers cannot train a dog, and just say they teach or train in NePoPo®. They must know the NePoPo® system first!

In order to keep the quality of the mark, we give permission to use the mark only to the people who have passed the filter of graduating from the NePoPo® School. Is this a perfect system? No. Some people will use what they know and learned about NePoPo® from Bart and call it another name. We know that. People already do that. That hurts nobody.

But, without using some sort of quality control, the trademark itself will become meaningless. When only NePoPo® Gold School Graduates use the trademark with permission, there is a standard behind it, and that standard is that they attended and successfully completed the course in the NePoPo® system at the NePoPo® School.