What is NePoPo®?

NePoPo® is a training system where you get behaviour always coming on cue with heart and soul. NePoPo® is a negative positive positive training system that allows the handler to take advantage of the benefits of both Positive Reinforcement training and Negative Reinforcement training (sometimes called “Avoidance” training). In the past years, Michael and Bart have instituted another evolution of NePoPo® where the system goes more and more operant in the first 8 months or so. The dog becomes so creative and intense and passionate, and we can also go back to the old NePoPo® if desired because the with the new NePoPo® the attitude is exactly what we want for training and the dog has learned to be innovative. Those things do not go away when we go back to the old NePoPo®. This new NePoPo® becomes more and more a lifestyle, however, where people choose to use it all the time because it is effective, humane, and engaging for dog and handler alike. The new NePoPo® makes training easy, enjoyable, harmonious, passionate and entertaining, and effective.

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(NePoPo® is developed by Bart and Michael Bellon. The name Bart Bellon® and NePoPo® are registered trademarks of Bart and Michael Bellon.)