What is the NePoPo® School?

NePoPo® is an logical intellectual art based on science. NePoPo® is a language that will make communication between you and your dog enjoyable, effective, and with heart and soul. In the
Silver Program, students will focus on NePoPo® theory. Students must first learn the language in order to be the architect of their own NePoPo® program, customised for each individual dog.

The Silver Program

All students must understand the vocabulary of the behaviorists and the psychologists who teach cognition and memory: e.g. positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning and how to apply them all specifically using NePoPo®. During the Silver Program, students will learn in depth what PoPo training is, what NePo training is and what NePoPo® training is and the powerful aspects of each system. There will be role games to facilitate comprehension of each system and all the dog training tools commonly used in NePoPo® will be covered.

The Gold Program

Only students who pass the exams of the Silver Program are eligible for the Gold Program. The practical work of applying the theory can then begin. The students will work with their dogs and will see other dogs work in NePoPo®. Training aids will be discussed and how and why we implement them in NePoP®. We will learn how to solve behavioral problems using NePoPo® to create clear and efficient solutions.