The story behind the N’Thor movies

A student, who wishes to be anonymous, contacted us one year before we started the NePoPo® School. He wanted to come to the School, and he wanted to come for the School with a puppy that had been started in the NePoPo® System. We picked up a puppy for him when the puppy was 8.5 weeks old. He progressed so fast and we wanted to keep the student informed of his progress so we started taking videos. Those videos became these four movies. Do they include everything we did? No. Do they include everything he learned? No. But we appreciated them more and more over the more than a year since N'Thor went home with the student. The many things N'Thor knew by the time he left at 7.5 months is so nice to watch over and over. He had socialization, went to the airport, went on the tram, learned scent work, bitework, obedience, manners, toughness and, best of all, he learned the language of NePoPo®: Heart and Soul in every exercise, thinking, taking initiative, innovative, confident, toughness, balance -- harmony.