Review of Chameleon® Products: CTT®, Chameleon®, Extenders and Feathers

This is a recently published article about our Chameleon® products.

By Philippe Dhont:

“Since there are a lot of people who are interested in the Chameleon® equipment, I decided to make a review about it.
It’s not only a review about the current Chameleon® equipment but also about motivational training, connectivity, featured Chameleon® products and other stuff…
It is titled “Motivational e-collar training with Chameleon® Equipment: The Chameleon® Tactical Transmitter, Chameleon® II, Chameleon® Extenders, and Chameleon® Feather Contacts.”

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Philippe Dhont also wrote an interesting article about the electrical signal in different electronic collar brands. You can view that article here.