Jason Loong

Jason Loong is the owner and trainer at Dog Works – located in Lehi, Utah.  He has trained dogs of all breeds for dog sport and behavioral applications professionally for 8 years and is a certified IGP decoy (also known as “IPO” or “Schutzhund”), a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, and a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator.  Jason was recently awarded his diploma and electronic collar license from the NePoPo® Gold School taught by Bart and Michael Bellon.  He thoroughly enjoys training and working with dogs of all backgrounds and his passion for life-long learning fuels his pursuit of mastery in NePoPo® – the Theory and Language of Modern Dog Training.


To learn more about Jason and Dog Works you can visit www.dogworksutah.com or follow him on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.  Jason can be contacted for training, workshops/seminars, or other canine services by email at jason@dogworksutah.com or by phone at 801-787-9592.